GLISS'GRIP Inrtensive


GLISS'GRIP Intensive

Ramps for the disabled, pedestrian crossings, sidewalks, pedestrian traffic with slopes greater than 8% are all slippery surfaces that need securing.

GLISS'GRIPIntensive® is an anti-slip decorative coating that secures perfectly specific areas used by cars or pedestrian, in public or private spaces. It can also be used in renovation and patching of concrete pavements.

GLISS'GRIP Intensive wayConstituted of an epoxy resin and a selection of mineral aggregates, GLISS'GRIPIntensive® coating resists extremely well to wear and wrenching, is durable while providing rare anti-slip properties.
In a circulation context, GLISS'GRIPIntensive® dramatically reduces stopping distances.

The features of GLISS'GRIPIntensive®:

  • the base is tinted by the color of the aggregate chosen
  • based on epoxy technology GLISS'GRIPIntensive® is nontoxic and odorless.

GLISS'GRIPIntensive ® is THE solution for securing high-use areas.

GLISS'GRIP Intensive

An innovative and sustainable process

GLISS'GRIPIntensive® is an anti-slip, decorative treatment, recommended for outdoor use.

The two-component epoxy system is associated with a colored mineral aggregate for an anti-slip and aesthetic result, even in the rain.

For more harmony with the environment, the aggregate comes in several sizes and colors. Gray, white and black for the discretion or  orange, red and yellow for modernity.

GLISS'GRIPIntensive® is formulated with ecological components for a better respect of the environment and a safe application.

GLISS'GRIP Intensive playground

The result is a sustainable and aesthetic anti-slip effect. 

A treatment that has many advantages

  • Aesthetic : Decorative aspect through colored aggregates and epoxy coating.
  • Resistance : Strength guaranteed even for heavy use and weather resistance.
  • Hygiene : No cleaning restrictions.
  • Versatility : An application adaptable to any type of surface subjected to heavy traffic or requiring a reinforced ant-slip effect.
  • Economy : A price competitive with other processes.
  • Respect : No disturbance or alteration through time.
  • Loyalty : Without changing color over time.
  • Security : Surfaces treated with GLISS'GRIPIntensive® become completely secure and are no longer cause for slips and often serious accidents.

GLISS'GRIPIntensive® is formulated with organic compounds without solvents.
All its components are listed European EINECS recyclables.

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