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Carrelage antidérapant grâce à GLISS'GRIP Mineral®
Madeleine, Lunéville (54)
"Madeleine de Lunéville est ravie d'avoir traité son carrelage avec le produit Gliss'Grip Mineral. Ainsi sa douche Italienne est sécurisée, Madeleine ne risque plus de glisser."
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GLISS'GRIP Bois® satisfaction même par forte pluie
Société SEMIN, Kédange-sur-Canner(57)
"Nous souhaitons vous faire part de notre satisfaction concernant votre produit GLISS’GRIPBois®. En effet, après application de la solution sur notre allée en lames de bois exotique à..."
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Longévité, effcacité de GLISS'GRIP BOIS®
Ville de Bonneuil-sur-Marne(94)
"Je soussigné Olivier GRIEU, Directeur des services techniques de la ville de Bonneuil-sur-Marne, atteste avoir fait appel à la société GLISS'GRIP SAS en juin 2013 pour résoudre un problème de..."
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Accidents due to falls

Accident chutes

In Europe, professional or domestic accidents due to falls occur in a similar proportion as those associated with road accident victims: But they make more deaths and wounded than the cars accidents

Swimming pools, schools, bathrooms, shopping malls, patios, homes, saunas, steam rooms, warehouses ... the list goes on of those places where the ground, whatever its nature, is slippery when wet. Dangerous falls are occurring daily. These frequent accidents often result in serious injury, which require the intervention of medical relief teams, long hospital stays and many benefits from the insurance. In addition to the possible sequelae, slip and fall accidents are very costly to the community.

Against slips and falls, one solution: anti-slip treatments by GLISS'GRIP

For your safety and your family, your employees, customers and visitors, GLISS'GRIP product line is THE effective solution to all your problems of slippery floors. With GLISS'GRIP, durably and effectively treat all your mineral surfaces, who tend to slip when wet, and avoid any risk of a dangerous slip!

GLISS'GRIP Solutions ®
are now the most reliable and proven
in the prevention of accidents resulting from slips on wet floors.

A proven process

GLISS'GRIP SécuritéToday, GLISS'GRIP is the most reliable solution to prevent accidents resulting from slips on mineral surfaces. This technology has been tested by many organizations around the world including the CEBTP. Their reports have shown its exceptional slip resistance. 

Minimum time for maximum results

Choosing GLISS'GRIP is choosing a particularly effective treatment. The Chartered GLISS'GRIP Applicators will implement the product that best suits your need by providing you their knowledge of the materials, ensuring impeccable service. Your Authorized applicator will give you a measure of the slipperiness of your soil before and after treatment and will thus demonstrate its effectiveness.

The experience and qualification of the Authorized Applicator who will implement the GLISS'GRIP treatment of your slippery floors will allow him to reduce the downtime of your sites. Once completed, the treatment is effective for many years. The effectiveness of GLISS'GRIP is guaranteed for three years on professional surfaces, and for six  years for baths, showers and areas of private use.

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