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GLISS'GRIPMineral ®is a non-slip treatment from a new technology. Components of this product react with silica, a real skeleton of mineral materials. They graft new molecules of silica to the surface of the support, creating tiny bumps that greatly increase the effect of friction.

The risk of accidents due to slipping are reduced permanently, especially on wet surfaces.

GLISS'GRIPMineral ® is formulated with ecological components for a full respect of the environment and safe a application.

GLISS'GRIPMineral ® offers THE solution .

A treatment that has many advantages

  • Speed : Without immobilization of the sites.
  • Longevity : A single application carries its efficiency for several years.
  • Hygiene : No cleaning restrictions.
  • Discretion : No notorious visual impairment of the area treated.
  • Economy : A price competitive with other processes (tiles, films, etc.)..
  • Guarantee : Measurement of slip before and after treatment ensures its effectiveness.
  • Respect : No disturbance or alteration through time, on all types of floors.
  • Loyalty : Without changing colors.
  • Security : Floors treated with GLISS'GRIPMineral® become completely secure and are no longer cause for slips and often serious accidents.

Universal treatment


GLISS'GRIPMineral® adapts to all surfaces of mineral origin: ceramics, stone, tile, marble, concrete, sandstone and granite.

These materials tend to slip, especially when wet, and are therefore responsible for many accidents.


The treatment can be used indoors and outdoors, and is especially useful in hallways, stairways, kitchens, laboratories, retail space, locker rooms, the floors of swimming pools, showers and baths ...

Proven effectiveness


TÜV Südwest, an authorized German agency for technical inspection of safety standards, has mesured ​​ the slipperiness of  enamel treated with GLISS'GRIPMineral ®. Figure 1 shows the test performed on the untreated tile. The result is 0.27, the surface is slippery. 


Figure 2 shows the test performed after treatment of the enamel with GLISS'GRIPMineral ®. The result is 0.74, the surface is perfectly secure.

A certified product

GLISS'GRIPMineral ® has received numerous certifications from European organizations:

  • CEBTP, France
  • SBI, Building Research Institute, Denmark
  • Bologna Ceramic Centre, Italy
  • BBRI, Belgium
  • Other institutes in Lithuania, Norway, Ireland, Ukraine, Denmark, Poland.

Technical Data Sheets and Safety



GLISS'GRIP is highly biodegradable.

All its components are listed European EINECS recyclables.

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