Safety at the Boulogne-Billancourt's swimming pool

J.PRADINES, Boulogne-Billancourt(92)
Ven. 23 octobre 2015


I undersigned Jacques PRADINES,  Chief Operating Officer of Boulogne-Billancourt's swimming pool, certify to have brought in GLISS'GRIP SAS in december 2013 to resolve a slippery tiling's problem.

Indeed, the tiling in the stairwell, which leads to pool, was particularly sliding because it was permanently wet. Lot of falls had occurred because of this tiling. Moreover, repairs on  the tiling had been realized and have damaged it aesthetic appearance.

To secure this tiling, the GLISS'GRIP company, has advised me the application of it anti-slip paint GLIS'GRIPColor. Given the intensive traffic at the swimming pool, it's the Ultragrip version which was suggested to me.

One of applicators of GLISS'GRIP company intervened and after a careful pickling, he applied on the whole stairwell the GLISS'GRIPColor UltraGrip treatment.

Moreover, thanks to the multitude of available colours, we could choose two different colours for stair-nosing and stair riser.

After the treatment and two months of use, I am perfectly satisfied of the surprising anti-slip effect of the GLISS'GRIPColor.
The safety in the stairwell is exclusive and no fall was deplored.

The aesthetic appearance is also a success. And, in spite of a daily cleaning, the coulours did not absolutely change.

So, I can assure that my satisfaction and that of the swimming pool's users about the GLISS'GRIPColor efficiency is total.

Chief Operating Officer
Swimming pool - Ice Ring Boulogne Billancourt (92)



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